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[Gooooooal!]…2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

The 2010 World Cup kicked off a few days ago, so I wanted to share some images from the opening ceremony…which I loved because I think it captured the nature of South Africa quite well…

Look at the colors! And the people! And all the references to South African culture…man! I wish I could have been there!



From Bad to Very Bad.

(This oil slick just keeps worse!)


The Oil Spill Gets Worse

(The oil has reached the Louisiana coast. One of these days, mankind will learn to respect the planet…one day.)


Family on a Bike

(yes…it’s exactly what it says…a family that’s riding across the country on a bike.)


A Guy + His Mom = One of a Kind Knitted Items (…with love!)

(Such a fun idea!)


Wait…so you mean that chemicals in plastic and produce may actually be carcinogenic??

You don’t say.

(We have got to think more about health!)


The iPhone 4G Makes an Early Appearance

(My verdict? If Apple sticks with this prototype, I won’t be buying  it. I hate the design – boxy is NOT a good look for Apple, IMO. The only thing that intrigues me is the updated screen resolution, otherwise, I’m perfectly content with my sleek 3Gs.)


That Volcano in Iceland is Continuing to Cause Problems


Is Photojournalism a Dying Art?


Farmville + $1,400 = One Angry Parent…(and one dumb kid)