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[Electric Beauty]…Photography by Krentz

These stunning images are by Dutch photography duo, Ulf & Denise Krentz. I LOVE the vibrant colors and styling in these photos. It’s so eye-catching.

Besides editorial work, Krentz has also done a lot of beauty and advertising shoots – and while the subject matter may be different, they always seem to find a way to add that pop of futuristic color. Great work.


[Cut & Paste]…

Awesome editorial for Dazed & Confused magazine. It was photographed by Damien Blottiere & styled by Robbie Spencer. I love how futuristic this feels & looks…very neat concept!

[Avant-Garde]…Fashion Styling by Holly Suan Gray

It’s the combination of photography & styling that always gets me with great editorials. That’s why I’m enthralled with the work of Holly Suan Gray, a stylist that has carried her vivid & avant-garde eye to Vogue UK, Vogue India, and many other fashion glossies.

While all of her work deserves to be checked out, I was most excited by these two editorials – The Sleep Walker & Sanctuary

Super stunning & oh, so vibrant!

[Homemade Is Best]…An Ikea Cookbook

I do enjoy a good recipe book. I think one of the main reasons is because the food photography is always mouthwatering or interesting. So, it was a delight to come across this recipe book for Ikea called Homemade Is Best. It contains 30 recipes for Swedish cakes and cookies and in true Ikea fashion, the images are orderly, unique, and well, different. Here’s what I mean…

Gosh I love this! The cookbook was styled by Evelina Brattell and photographed by Carl Kleiner. They wanted the cookbook to reflect the minimalism of Ikea’s kitchen appliances…and I think they do that really well! In most cookbooks, the images are usually of just the finished product and not the ingredients. Homemade Is Best is unique because it shows both the ingredients (in a really neat way) and the finished product. Great idea! You can learn more about it here.

Artist of the Day…Kevin Mackintosh

I’ve got a great photographer to share today – the work of Kevin Mackintosh. I am blown away by his subject matter and location use…both of these qualities make his work insanely interesting and immensely striking.

This African native is influenced by art, architecture, interiors, and classical photography and has shot numerous editorials for many high fashion glossies. He’s also done a multitude of ad work for such brands and labels as Kenzo, H&M, & Aveda. I am really impressed because Mackintosh’s work has this almost surreal, hyper-real quality that is an obvious reflection of the vibrancy of his native Africa.

Along with fashion editorials an advertisements, Mackintosh has also held exhibitions around the world.

Stunning, isn’t it? It’s no wonder that The National Portrait Gallery has put images of his work in their permanent collection. Simply beautiful.

[A Haunting in Bleu]…Photography by Paul Humphreys

I love atmospheric photography…I think the fad word now is to call it grunge, but I like to think of it as atmospheric because it sets a mood. That mood is usually one of melancholy and introspection…but sometimes, that’s okay…especially if it’s work like the photo set Bleu Period by Paul Humphreys…

Gorgeous, huh? I believe these were taken somewhere in the UK…at an old shipyard (or what’s left of it anyway). I really like the colors in these photos…mostly the blues of course. Be sure to check out Paul’s tumblr or flickr to see more of his work.

Inspiration of the Day…Cold Beauty

Happy Tuesday ev’body! I’m writing to you from the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah where I’m volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve got a day of working and one film under my belt – Another Earth which was BEYOND amazing. I’ll be writing a review about it on Jade Pheenix in a few days so be on the lookout for that.

Anyway, this is my first time seeing snow capped mountains in such a majestic way. I feel I will never tire of the ones I see in CA daily, but these top the cake because they are just so awe-inspiring. So much so in fact, that I wanted to share some photos from my inspiration folder that I’ve been collecting of mountains and really pretty wintry scenery…check these out…

(Akos Major)

(Matthias Heiderich)

(Kim Holtermand)

(Daniel Espirito Santo)

Gorgeous huh??? Images like this help me appreciate snowy climates more.

By the way…those last two images are by…Me! Yep! You can see the rest of that set here 😀

[Colorful Calm]…”My Fine Garden” Photography

I love dreamy photos like these by My Fine Garden….

Aren’t these light, fluffy, & ethereal? The remind me of spending days at county fairs or carnivals…very soothing!

[High Roller]…Jessica Yang for Preview (Sept 2010)

I always hate coming across editorials months after they’ve come out in the magazines, but I quickly get over that anytime I see an awesome one like this one right here featuring model Jessica Yang. It was shot by BJ Pascual

I am in love with the opulent styling of this shoot. The color use is amazing and the lighting is fabulous. These are the types of shoots I’d like to style for…great work. Be sure to check out Pascual’s portfolio for more of his work (did I mention he’s only 21?!)…the man is NOT afraid of color  – both in fashion and in his models, haha!

[Dapper Feet]…Mr. Hare S/S 2011

I don’t feature menswear around these parts often, so when I do hopefully it’s a treat! And I think this lookbook by British footwear label Mr. Hare will do the trick…

Not only are these hard bottoms oh so dapper, but I’m really digging the photography of this lookbook. The colors really pop and I like the use of the Oriental rugs. Any boyfriend of mine would so be getting a pair of these – so hot!