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[2010 + Win!]…In Space

For the rest of the year, I’ll be dedicating “2010 + Win” to posts about what I consider the “Best Of” 2010. I know you’re probably getting sick of those types of lists, but hopefully mine will be a bit more offbeat and include some things besides the norm that I consider the best!


If you’ve never checked out NASA’s “Photo of the Day“, then you’re missing out on a real treat. I try to check the site daily for some awesome glimpses into the world of space & space exploration. The following are some of my favorites that I’ve seen this year…

These images really just awe me. Looking at them makes you realize that there’s so much out there that we don’t or can’t understand. Even if that’s the case though, it can still be beautiful or stunning to look at. I wish everyone could approach the unknown with such wonder! Can’t wait to see what the heavens have to share in 2011!



Wait…so you mean that chemicals in plastic and produce may actually be carcinogenic??

You don’t say.

(We have got to think more about health!)

Friday Flash…

THIS is an interesting new find in the evolution vs. creation debate.

You must watch FARD…I love a good animated short – and this is totally one of them.

THIS site has a really neat design…I was distracted for like a good 20 minutes, haha!

A VINTAGE PATTERN WIKI?!?!…I’ve just died and gone to heaven…


Daily Inspiration…

"Stretch" by Carneval Studio

...By Adam Voorhes

Rainbow Raw Honey Dress by ModCloth...I WANT this dress...Now!


...LOVE this font (over at Abduzeedo)

"Banana Girl" by Little Clouds...So, totally me!

...from "the notebook doodle"...great blog, by the way.


I need to get my eyes examined…which means I’ll need some new glasses. Seeing as that I don’t wear them on a daily, I have no idea what style to go for. My current ones are a modern rectangular shape…with black rims. They’re by Anna Sui. This glasses hunt will be very interesting!

Oh! I got back a bigger tax return than I had thought! WIN!

I’m going to Florida next week…I so need and am looking forward to this vacation!!!!

Have a good weekend, Sparkleshockers!


Amazing Footage of the Sun from NASA’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory.


You May Hate Your Job, But At Least You Don’t Have One of the 10 Worst Jobs in Science!


The Mind’s Eye is More Important Than You May Think.


The 10 Animals with the Longest Life Spans (and no humans aren’t on here).


Exploring the Mariana Trench

(A part of me thinks this is so awesome, but then again, can’t we just leave some things to be mysteries??)

Loving…Clocks by Aspiral

I am all googly eyed for these nifty clocks by London based Aspiral…they tell time by having a round ball go around the spiral within the clock.

It seems so complicated (has something to do with kinetic energy), but is a really cool idea! The time telling mechanism (round ball) lands at the bottom of the clock at 12 o’clock every time it’s supposed to. Neat!

Snazzy Molecular Paintings

I came across these cool paintings  by Alexander Kobulnicky of various molecular compunds…

Sarin (Nerve Gas)


Dimethyl Mercury



There are more at his website…I love when artists make art involving the life sciences!