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[Images in Music…& Film]…Art by Iri5

These are amazing…

Stunning, right?? Even more so because these are made COMPLETELY out of cassette tape, film tape, and the 5th image is even made of sheet music! Crazy that someone can take those elements and create such striking and unique works. Plus, what better subjects to portray using film and cassette tapes than great actors & musicians of our time?? I would love to have one of these pieces by Iri5…be sure to check out his site for more and his flickr to see some of the works during the process.

Artist of the Day…Kate MacDowell

The work of Kate MacDowell can be argued to not be for the faint of heart. MacDowell’s work combines human features and themes with that of nature – either plant life or animal life. I wanted to feature her work because while I think it can be a bit unnerving to view, I find it fascinating in how well she melds all the organic elements of life to create these unique, slightly disturbing, yet beautiful sculptures.

MacDowell has lived an experienced life through many places and cultures of the world. In her artist’s statement, she uses the C.S. lewis quote “We do not want merely to see beauty…we want…to be united with the beauty we see…to become part of it.” I think this quote is a perfect summation of her work because that is exactly what her sculptures convey – the human need to be one with beauty…more specifically, the beauty of nature. I think that’s why I’m drawn to her sculptures. Especially the lighted ones. I think there’s something beautiful about displaying the natural elements of all living things. The branches and vines she uses in her works remind me of veins (which carry a being’s lifeforce) and I’m sure you could deduce your own conclusions about what the other elements could mean to you.

To learn more about MacDowell’s fascinating views on how her work is a reflection of how she perceives life, check out this article. I would actually love to go to an exhibit of hers (and she’s had many), to be surrounded by such intense work is bound to be enlightening!

[Tiny Bottles]…Glasswork by Kiva Ford

I’ve stated before that I love miniatures…and that is no different with these adorable and neat glass bottles by brother and sister duo Kiva Ford. There’s something about these vases and bottles being so tiny that is really captivating to me…


Cool, aren’t they?? That little chemistry set is my favorite because it’s just so cute! I also love the colors of the bottles – colored glass has always been beautiful to me. These little bottles are one more neat thing I picture in my future “Curio Cabinet of Curiosities” 🙂

Artist of the Day…Pete Goldlust


Today’s artist is a sculptor and installation artist who’s works are really neat to me because they’re abstract. Pete Goldlust‘s works are said to be forums from where various human urges can be acted out through biomorphic forms that feature heavily in his artwork. He creates these sculptures, relief paintings, and installation works using illustration and polymer clay.

Don’t many of those sculptures look like some sort of animal? To me, it’s like Goldlust is creating little worlds of these creatures where they can be a reflection of various traits of human nature. Goldlust has shown in exhibitions around the world, but my favorite works of his are those sculpted crayons. They’re so intricate and isn’t something you’d expect to see when you think of a crayon. Nice!

Artist of the Day…Jacob Dahlgren

Today’s artist, Jacob Dahlgren, is a great conceptual artist who’s works run the gamut from sculptures to collages to installation pieces. I wanted to feature his work because I was drawn to the piece above which is called Colour Reading & Architecture. He used a variety of materials including carpets, wood, tile, and even chocolate! It reminds me of some sort of abstract cityscape. 

Dahlgren has exhibited all over the world and has also been commissioned for various architectural designs and personal sculptures.

I love art like this…so in your face and interactive!

[One Eye Crying, The Other Laughing]…Design Collection by Anne Marie Skjoldager

The work you see above is by Anne Marie Skjoldager, a Danish fashion student. The name of the collection is ‘One eye laughing, the other crying’ which is her MA collection at The Danish Design School. She’s interned with John Galliano and Bernhard Wilhelm so it’s quite apparent that the girl has skills. I love structural design collections like these…they’re really creative and unique. I think that final piece above is the most stunning because of the geometrics (obviously) and the fact that it takes talent to be able to construct something like this. Be sure to visit her site to see more awesome looks from this collection.

[Ribbonesia]…Ribbon Sculptures by Baku Maeda

Check these out…they’re like gift wrap bows (which I’ve always loved)…but better…

The above sculptures are made of ribbon and are from Baku Maeda’s project Ribbonesia. I LOVE this idea because it’s super creative and really jazzes up gift wrapping…and makes a great accessories too..

I can just imagine all the trim and notion stores Maeda went to find the ribbons for these…I can also imagine how much time goes into these because they appear to be quite intricate. Maeda pulls his inspiration from his fascination with animals…that’s awesome because the seal and elephant ribbons are my favorite!

[Junk Dunks]…Sculptures by Gabrial Dishaw

These are crazy amazing right here….

The sculptures you see above are the handiwork of artist Gabriel Dishaw who creates renditions of kicks out of scrap metal, computer components, and various other wires and gadgets.  He also makes “junk art” of other figures and objects, but I think these of Nike Dunks and Air Jordans are the coolest!

[Dead Ladies]…Figurines by Jessica Harrison

For our WTF! moment of the day, I have these interesting little knick knacks by UK artist Jessica Harrison….

…Yeah…so…interesting yes??

You know, I cover art and there is usually things I come across that it’s like “huh!”…I mean, that’s one of the fun parts about it…but sometimes, I just have to call something for what it is – and these are creepy…I’m sure it works for some people (oh, say like Ted Bundy…) but not for me! If these do tickle your fancy though, check out Harrison’s website – her work is…um…organic to say the least!

Artist of the Day…Craig Redman

I am super excited about today’s artist – Australian illustrator and graphic designer Craig Redman. Why you ask? Because his works are filled with color. I mean, they really do pop out at you the moment you check them out!

Redman has a hand in many different mediums including typography, sculpture, and installation work. he’s published two books of his work and has shown worldwide – including The Louvre. Not only that, Redman has also done Ad work for many design oriented clients including Nike, MTV, Louis Vuitton, and Apple.

I really, really love these…especially his Portraits series. This guy has some really interesting work….in fact, there’s a character he calls Darcel that is featured in a lot of his illustrations…and Darcel is a giant eyeball! His blog is hella cool too…LOVE this!