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[Prototypes]…Original Models of Iconic Gadgets

In the beginning, man created water powered guns and computers named after fruit….

Super Soaker

Cell Phone (Motarola Dynatac)

Apple I

Moog Synthesizer


Push-Button Telephone

You know, they say you can’t go forward unless you address the past, so it was nice to come across these photos of what some of our most common or innovative gadgets looked like before they were historical. Can you imagine carrying that cell phone around though?? Definitely not party friendly! You can read more about these gadgets over at Wired.

Gotta Have It…Olympus Pen E-P1 Camera

So my homeboy, Drew, has let me borrow his Nikon D5000 SLR camera to play around with since I’ve been really disappointed with the picture quality of my Kodak point-and-shoot digital camera as of late. It seems like every Kodak camera I’ve had has issues, so I’ve had enough! Anyway, I’ve been researching about upgrading to SLR cameras because I’d like a better quality camara that has a bit more photographic freedom than your standard digital camera. Photography is like a 5th love of mine, so I think it would be great to focus on it more and to do that I’d like a really great “professional” camera.

I think I’m getting long winded, haha, so to make a long story short, I’ve found that the Nikon is an awesome piece of equipment, but a bit too complicated and bulky for what I plan on doing with my photography. So in my research, I found that Olympus has made a great compact SLR and point-and-shoot hybrid – the Pen E-P1. It has interchangable lenses for the option to have more control, but is still portable. I also really like the vintage look of the camera (looks like an old school film camera) I’m 90% sure I’m going to buy it (I found a great deal on Ebay), but the only downside is that I read the Auto-Focus isn’t good in low light (there goes my club & party photos!) and you have to buy the flash attachment (because it doesn’t have a built in flash). Have any of you guys owned or used this camera? I’d love any advice!


Google Search Tricks


The iPhone 4G Makes an Early Appearance

(My verdict? If Apple sticks with this prototype, I won’t be buying  it. I hate the design – boxy is NOT a good look for Apple, IMO. The only thing that intrigues me is the updated screen resolution, otherwise, I’m perfectly content with my sleek 3Gs.)

Just Because…Shoebox Apple Store

I lovev diorama’s. I love Apple products. So I love this Apple Shoebox Store…Just Because!


And the iPhone Gets That Much Better!

(Hooray for Multitasking!!!)


All Records Really Do Sound the Same…

(And this is why I do not listen to the radio and why I’m so picky about calling what we listen to these days, “music”)


Meet Milo…your new virtual friend.


How Facebook became a worldwide star.

Just Because…Orange Slice iPhone Charger & T-Shirt War!

If you’ve got a cat like mine, then you’ve probably experienced the horror of coming home to chewed up cell charger, video game, and computer charger cords. Never fear! Cause if you’ve got a crapload of oranges – you can charge at least your iPhone. So here’s the video…Just Because.

And because it’s everywhere now…here’s the really cool stop-motion video T-Shirt-War…Just Because.

I wonder how much all those t-shirts cost…?