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[A Typography Reincarnation]…Letter Revamps by Character

So here’s a neat idea…how about giving signage that’s dismantled another life by giving it new lights and a new home? That’s exactly what Finnish company, Character does. The goal of Character is to save dismantled logos and give them a new life by replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LEDs and then selling them as neat design objects…

This is such a neat idea. I have always wondered what happens to signs on buildings when stores go out of business or something, and now I know that many of that signage gets destroyed. That’s unfortunate because clearly there are tons of people who would love to have those letters as decor. I know I would!


[Racy Messages]…Tart Cards of London

In my never-ending quest for learning about random things, I somehow stumbled across Tart Cards. What are tart cards you may ask? Well, to put it plainly, they are the business cards of London prostitutes. But surprisingly, tart cards can also be really interesting aesthetically. Many of them use neat fonts, great color combinations, or clever imagery. Using these as a template, Wallpaper* Magazine reached out to graphic designers to design their own ideas of Tart Cards. Check these out…(and they are safe for work, don’t worry!)

I think a great designer is able to use subtlety to get a point across and many of the submissions in this project do that very well. You clearly know what many of them are advertising, but it isn’t blatantly in your face (like say…the cover of an adult film.). Head over to Wallpaper* to see the rest of the 450 designed cards. There is also a blurb about the project that highlights how one of the artists used his design to call attention to the dark side of the sex industry (human trafficking, etc) Keep in mind that some of the designs are way more suggestive than the ones I picked out so those may be NSFW.

[Alphabattle]…Lettercult’s P-U

Here’s my favorites from Part 3 of my coverage of Lettercult’s Alphabattle project. You can check out part 1 & part 2 in case you missed those!


Those were the ones I thought were the coolest…be sure to head on over to Lettercult to check out the rest. Did I miss any good ones? let me know your favorites!

[Read My…Chest?]…Creative Typography Graphic Tees

Awhile back I posted a compilation of various graphic tees that I had been collecting as inspiration. That set had to do with artistic tees. Today, I wanted to share with you guys a compilation of graphic tees that I’ve been digging that are all typography related (still on this typography binge I guess!)

Yes...that's braille!

Just click the tees to get more info about them. Not only do I like the type in a lot of these, but I also really like the sayings. This could go on and on so I’ll just send you to the list that inspired this post…I took from it all my favorites…what are some of yours?

[Alphabattle]…Lettercult’s K-O

I checked back into Lettercult’s Alphabattle typography challenge and sure enough there are some great renditions of the letters K thru O. I first posted about the Alphabattle a few weeks ago and since then, there have been some amazing submissions. Check out my faves…

These are fun..I think I may print out some of my favorites and make a sort of poster of a favorite saying…what do you think?

[Retro Logos]…Vintage Logotypes

I came across this neat set of scans from an out-of-print corporate logotype book. Eric Carl was nice enough to put these on his Flickr…

These are so cool. I noticed there seems to have been a lot of curved lines used in logos of the 70’s. I bet many of these companies aren’t even in business anymore. My favorite is definitely the 1976 Montreal Olympics logo. be sure to check out Eric’s flickr for more logo awesomeness!

[Alphabattle]…Lettercult’s A-J

I may have mentioned Lettercult’s “Alphabattle” a bit ago, but I’ve been slacking off and haven’t been following it for awhile. I checked out the site today and it turns out they’re all the way up to the letter J! I love this series because it’s really neat to see the many different ways designers can come up with to make our alphabet 10x more interesting…

The ones above are my favorites, but there’s certainly more where that came from, so definitely be sure to check out the rest of the letters. I’ll be covering this every few weeks so look out for some more of my favorites as Alphabattle continues!

Artist of the Day…Yoshi Tajima

Yoshi Tajima‘s work is just awesome. This graphic designer from Japan’s work can be found on everything from advertising work to apparel. I love his use of line…it flows so well and makes for interesting images that are filled with color and detail.

Tajima’s work has been featured in ads for HP and Sony Playstation. He has also done numerous CD cover work for various artists both in Asia and abroad. He’s also well known for his awesome typography skills. This is great stuff!

[Wise Words]…Music Philosophy Posters

I love, love, LOVE this collection of posters by graphic designer Mico Toledo. They combine awesome typography with meaningful song lyrics from everyone from AC/DC to Jay-Z. The name of the poster collection is Music Philosophy. Here are my favorites…

I really like these…check out Music Philosophy to see more awesome posters…you can request lyrics too!

The iPhone Font

The graphic designer in me is always making me download tons of new fonts to Arion (my macbook). So you can imagine my pleasant surprise in discovering this new font

As unreadable as I think this font is, it is such a Mac Geek’s dream to be able to type sentences with letters that look like iPhones! Gah! I love this!