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Trio…Awesome Cinematography + Music Videos

I was catching up on my music video watching this past weekend (there are so many recent ones that I haven’t seen yet!) and I was definitely entralled with these 3 because the colors in them were super stunning. Plus, I love how they were shot…check ’em out…

1) Miami Horror – Sometimes…the saturated beachy colors in this one so got me ready for summertime. It’s got a really intriguing plot too.

2) Sade – Soldier of Love…this one is my favorite by far. I love the colors of the sky and how everything blends so well. I also like the juztaposition of the dancers against the backdrop…and Sade’s silver jumpsuit is mad cool!

3) Rihanna – Rude Boy…I loved this song at one point…now I can’t stand it (Rihanna’s songs usually do that to me) but the video is definitely neat in terms of how the colors pop. I could have done without all the booty shaking, but hey, it’s Rihanna (*shrugs shoulders)

Friday Flash…

THIS is an interesting new find in the evolution vs. creation debate.

You must watch FARD…I love a good animated short – and this is totally one of them.

THIS site has a really neat design…I was distracted for like a good 20 minutes, haha!

A VINTAGE PATTERN WIKI?!?!…I’ve just died and gone to heaven…


Daily Inspiration…

"Stretch" by Carneval Studio

...By Adam Voorhes

Rainbow Raw Honey Dress by ModCloth...I WANT this dress...Now!


...LOVE this font (over at Abduzeedo)

"Banana Girl" by Little Clouds...So, totally me!

...from "the notebook doodle"...great blog, by the way.


I need to get my eyes examined…which means I’ll need some new glasses. Seeing as that I don’t wear them on a daily, I have no idea what style to go for. My current ones are a modern rectangular shape…with black rims. They’re by Anna Sui. This glasses hunt will be very interesting!

Oh! I got back a bigger tax return than I had thought! WIN!

I’m going to Florida next week…I so need and am looking forward to this vacation!!!!

Have a good weekend, Sparkleshockers!


Amazing Footage of the Sun from NASA’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Trio…80’s Tv Commercials

Here’s my top 3 TV commercials from the 80’s…why? Cause they’re awesome of course! In all seriousness though, the commercials in the 80’s were really unique…

1) 80’s Nintendo Commercial

OMG! R.O.B. is in it…that’s pretty much all I need.

2) A Japanese VCR commercial (featuring a teenage Janet Jackson)

Um yeah…Janet moonwalks in this commercial – I have never seen her do that! Oh yes, and that VCR must have been state of the art…after all, it was from Japan!

3) Apple’s 1984 Macintosh Commercial

And geeks (like myself) were never the same.

…and this is why I heart youtube.

Just Because…Shoebox Apple Store

I lovev diorama’s. I love Apple products. So I love this Apple Shoebox Store…Just Because!

Just Because…”Thriller” Hands!

Being a purveyor of all thing Michael Jackson, I just had to share this video of this really talented display of “hand dancing” – to Thriller!….Just Because.

I’m not sure what country this talent hails from, but I’m thinking it sort of gives those prisoners in the Philippines a run for their money, Haha!

Trio…Current Female Musician Happenings

My top 3 musical happenings pertaining to female musicians as of late…

1) Behind the scenes of Janet’s “Nothing” Video (song for Why Did I Get Married Too?)…This song remings me of “Again”…a lot.

2) Christina Aguilera’s new song “Not Myself Tonight” (from her upcoming album Bionic)…I love the album artwork too!

3) Erykah Badu’s song “Window Seat”…the video is causing a bit of controversy…I ‘m not offended by it, but I have yet to analyze the symbolism of the nudity.


4) I could not leave out the new song and video by Kelis…I have always loved her music and I am so loving this vibrant song and video!


How To Bake Cookies Using Photoshop.