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Loving…Ferm Living

I am so loving these graphic wallpapers and pillows by Danish decor and design firm Ferm Living

These prints sort of remind me of something that would be sold at Ikea. The wallpapers are quite affordable – I’m forseeing some in the new apt in L.A.!


Loving…Totally Severe

I am throughly enjoying this awesome design site, Totally Severe. It’s ran by graphic designer, illustrator, and textile maker Sarah and it features some really witty and fun embroidery designs, wallpapers, fabrics, and fonts.

A lot of the wallpapers come for both desktops and iPhones…they’re really vibrant! Check out Totally Severe…you won’t be disappointed! I mean really – who wouldn’t want an embroidered design of Tim Gunn?

Retro Rocks!

I really love any type of art that takes things back to another time in art history. So I was really thrilled when I came across the following batch of awesome retro wallpapers. They cover everything from a retro Apple logo wallpaper to the usual 70’s femme fatale. Total inspiration for retro and graphics junkies like myself!

Here are some of my favorites –

Are you back in time yet? Checkout about 15 more if your Flex Capacitor is busted.