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Friday Flash…

Yay! It’s back!! Anyway…


If you love Adult Swim like I do, then you’ll love Bump Worthy which catalogues every single bump that AS has released. Prepare for a nice trip of trippy, jazztastic nostalgia.

10 Lessons for Young Designers

Baked Kale Chips? YUM!

This is a neat DIY – create artwork using your own fingerprints!

You really can do anything with Legos

Greg Bogin’s work needs to be on my walls.

While we’re on the subject of artwork, check this out. Bespoken Art makes artwork out of the sound waves of words of your choice.

Haunting images of how Tokyo is conserving power in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami disasters.


Beautiful illustration by Conrad Roset

Loving this Kitty Tee by Miri (tons of cat stuff for us kitty lovers!)

Neat Illustrations by Carlos Aponte

I love this photo of Elizabeth Taylor...may she Rest in Peace 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Friday Flash…

You must check out the gorgeous work of Shilpa Chavan.

Um…a Bacon of the Month Club?? Count Me In!

From a new favorite of mine, The Art of Manliness – here’s 22 manly ways to reuse an Altoids tin!

10 burger inspired designs (you’ve got to see the surprisingly neat trainers!)

I’m probably really behind, but I was finally thrilled to find out who Domo is this week!

The NYT and I agree on these 10 looks that shouldn’t be seen again.

The $200 Microhouse.



I'm digging the photography of Josh Baker



Loving these DIY stamped Bangles (from Paper, Plate, & Plane)

I am quite envious of this camera collection by Monkey sure to click the image to see the awesome photos he creates with all these!

Neat! Fruit Wrapping Paper by Happy F&B

Awesomeness by Senor Salme



WANT. (By Pamela Love)


Enjoy Your Weekend, All!!


Friday Flash

These are some uber sweet metallic lamps!

I’m not even sure what type of star chart this is, but it’s interactive and visually captivating!

Oh yum…a keyboard s’more (sweets are the best invention ever…)

I’ve been really digging feathered ear wraps lately, so I was quite thrilled to come across this tutorial on making your own!

For those of you lazy cooks out there, here’s food you can make in a (get this…) coffee maker!

Awesome designer alert – Chris Benz

Oh hell yes! Red Velvet Pancakes!


Gorgeous prints from Anna Sui Fall RTW 2011


Neat! Lego Spaceman Cufflinks!



This is a neat idea...but I wonder if it hurts the plant!

Loving this cheap, yet very chic DIY shoe closet...(Ikea rocks!)



Digging this illustration by Riikka Sormunen

...And this hyper realist painting by Linnea Strid


Haha...what job would you have had if you worked on The Death Star? I would have been an Ewok Chief apparently!

Have a Great Weekend everybody!

Friday Flash…

The collections of Viya Home have got me all in a tizzy…such gorgeous things!

I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious as far a water conservation, so these new products were really awesome to stumble upon.

Tips for tough cleaning jobs (I’ve always wanted to know how to clean a power outlet without getting fried!)

Fuck Yeah What’s In Your Bag totally feeds upon my voyuristic tendencies.

For my Janet Jackson fans…she opened her world tour last night in Manila. And even though it’s in Thai, here’s a sneak peek of some footage!

Ha! Do any of these fictional couples top your list of the most miserable?


I sort of dig this Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

While far from practical, I think this look by Walter Van Beirendonck is quite unique.

WANT. (by Scholten & Baijings)

Really neat photo by Sara Cwynar

Have a Good Weekend!

Friday Flash…

THIS blog is a fun read about one lady’s goal to go thrifting in all 50 states.

Alice In Wonderland, I Am Love, The King’s Speech, The Tempest, & True Grit are all nominated for Best Costume Design for this year’s Oscars…I’m rooting for Alice In Wonderland and The Tempest, but I’m surprised Black Swan didn’t get a nod at all…you can see the rest of the categories and nominees here.

New trend alert? The Half-Tucked Shirt. (I have personally been rocking this look for years…so it gets two thumbs up from me!)

Here’s a neat way to unify mismatched furniture pieces.

Everybody Loves Cephalopods!!


This acapella cover of MJ’s “Rock With You” is the best I have ever heard.


LOVE this. (Adidas M Attitude Logo)


I dig this cute print by Nan Lawson.


“The Modern Standard” for Vogue Hommes Japan (This image is my favorite from the editorial)


“Braided” by Teagen White


Mobile Phone Evolution by Kyle Bean (Neat!!)

Have an awesome weekend!!

Friday Flash…

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan like me, then you will love these spaceship concept sketches by Kar’s Art.

Also, if you’re a horror or gore fan, then you’ll find this list of the top 10 creative kills, quite interesting.

Since I’m up to my ears in decorating inspiration right now, I thought I’d share these awesome sites that I currently check out daily: Decor Demon, Bright Bazaar, & Decor 8.

Fabric wall decals?? Yes Please!

Pantone Chip Cookies (so cute!)



This chadelier is made of Eyeglasses! Click the photo to see more awesome ideas of upcycled artwork.



This was one of my favorite house tours in Apartment Therapy this week. The colors are gorgeous!



Love this dress.



I must own these Gucci velvet sandals...(something similar cause I'm sure these are out of my budget...)


Have a great weekend!

Friday Flash…

THIS fan of Twilight has got to be the craziest one I have ever seen. Like for real.

A Job a Week. (Awesome story, an a really neat idea!)

Places to NOT visit (don’t add these to your bucket list!)

Wonder Woman x MAC  = AWESOME.

HOT TRACK ALERT!! You’ve got to hear this awesome dance jam by Martin Solvig & Dragonette.

So the zodiac signs may have changed…but I’m staying loyal to my Arian roots! UPDATE: Nevermind, they haven’t changed at all.

For those of you that look at footwear as artwork, I present to you, Shoelust.



Some interestingly clever duvet covers by Vadim Cherniy

Collectible figurine of the President (complete with a gold Lamé suit!)


I'm actually digging the new Starbucks Logo (click the image to read more about it)


LOVE this illustration by artist Sveta Dorosheva (for a book she's illustrating)


Loving the prints & patterns of Proenza Schouler's Pre Fall 2011 collection

Enjoy your Weekend, All!!


Friday Flash.

The top 10 toys parents dread. (I would so be one of these parents, heh…although how you could hate the Lite Brite, I don’t know!)

A few tumblr sites I’m loving right now…Hatecation (laughs), Alexis Belon (Fashion & Life), & Pretty Colors (oooh! color!)

100 tips for freelancers.

Have you seen the Owl in a Box story?! It’ll make your day and make you giggle!

I’d like for Pharell Williams to invite me to his house. Like for real.

Shameless Plug…I’ve started a 365 project. You can read about it here or view the photos here.



Dig this mural by artists Hush & Dan Baldwin. The artists created 4 murals in which they would work on half, switch canvases, & then finish what the other started.



Dig the GIF by Sweet GIFs

Love & want this jewelry by Jordan Askill



Dig this image and styling from the Asia Beauty Expo. This was done by hairstylist Peter Gray


Have you seen this tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight? It’s stunning…and solely uses Black models. Oh yeah & Bjork did the music…this is awesome all around.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!



Friday Flash…The Merry Christmas Edition!!

Maybe Mistletoe isn’t so romantic after all…

How different age groups celebrate Christmas (that 30-somethings with kids bit is totally everyone in my neighborhood.)

Adventures with Eggnog

Christmas tree fashion fads. (keep your tree looking spiffy!)

Um…a Klingon Christmas Carol?! Where do I get tickets?!

The gift guide for the crafter in your life (wink, wink, haha!)


Oh my goodness! A reindeer Guinea Pig!!

Nifty & colorful trees from Treetopia!

Have a Great Christmas!!

Friday Flash…

Gorgeous jewelry by Lucy Hutchings.

 These guys built a scale model of a destroyed Manhattan skyline…on the floor of their apartment. (NEAT!)

Really, Pantone. Honeysuckle?!

Regardless of what you use a lighter for, the Lighter of the Month club is sure to keep your fire starter looking spiffy!

Behold the tape art of Mark Khaisman. He uses every sort of tape from packaging tape to duct tape!

Furniture for vintage video game lovers.

Gorgeous Paper Crafting by Oey.

The Geometry of Pasta (helpful for those like me that have no idea what their favorite pasta type is called)

Willy Wonka would be proud.


The cyclops watch by Mr Jones Watches...telling time with colors is right up my alley!

This is a bedroom from a decaying castle in Europe. I'm not sure how old it is, but it's amazing that the textiles are still intact!

Digging this fun print by Yumalum

“Paper City” by Beat Street (Fun!)

“What’s under your Mask?”

Have a Great Weekend (try and wrap up that last minute Christmas shopping!!)