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Just Because…Awesome Stick Bomb!

I didn’t even know these existed, but here’s a neat video of a Stick Bomb. It’s like a Domino Effect, but so much cooler…so here’s the Stick Bomb…Just Because.

Gotta Have It…Keds by Mogollon

Keds Collective is an awesome program in which Keds collaborates with various designers to create one-of-a-kinds Keds. I plan on owning these 2 pairs by NY design team Mogollon.

So cool!

Loving…Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

One of my favorite costumers/designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, is launching a limited edition collection for Target. The collection features Gaultier’s signature blend of offbeat-ness, but this collection is still consumer friendly and really chic. It’s the right amount of different to satisfy Gaultier fans and the right amount of normalcy to stay within Target’s mainstream guest type. Here’s the pieces I plan on buying… 

Favorite 1!!!

Favorite 2!!!

Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection will be available at select Target stores and online starting March 7 – April 11. I walk by the downtown Minneapolis store nearly everyday, so I cannot wait to cop a piece of this snazzy collection!


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Kim Burke’s Mouth-Watering Food Miniatures

I have always been drawn to minatures. In fact, I even collected the Kitchen Littles sets when I was a kid (remember those?!) I think that’s the main reason why I’m really enjoying this collection of minature food by artist Kim Burke. The collection contains sweets, stews, finger foods, and so much more. And with such amazing detail! She makes them out of polymer clay. Behold…

Burke not only creates these pieces to be drooled over, but many have been made into earrings and rings as well. You can see more of these delicious looking goodies on Burke’s Flickr or purchase some pieces at her Etsy site…which I just may do…

Artist of the Day…Hollis Brown Thornton

Another awesome 80’s inspired artist today – Hollis Brown Thornton. I’m super excited to share his work because it’s got that vintage look and borrows inspiration from 80’s graphics and technology. This South Carolina native uses bothe illustration and printmaking processes to create his awesome pieces.

I love this sort of stuff…it’s abstract, but you can still get the basic gist of the subject matter. Plus, the colors are vibrant and I’ll love anything that takes a hint from the 80’s. You can purchase prints and skins from Hollis’s website…which is exactly what I plan to do!



Ahhh! I’m am SO digging this Parisian brand – 180grammes or 180g. Why you ask? Because this brand is all about color, color, color! What is so unique about 180g is that they carry jackets, vests, shirts, and accessories that you can have custom dyed to your own unique color palette. You can even bring in some trainers and have those dyed too! I know custom dye jobs are nothing new, but 180g just seems to add such an artistic quality to the process. Plus, the website is like a color lovers dream.

Thus far, the only store is in Paris, but there’s an online shop coming soon and then I will own a piece of this awesomeness – unless I can get to Paris anytime soon, I’m just going to have to unhappily wait. I’m totally adding that color vial chart to my inspiration wall though!

Designer of the Day…Double D Ranch

I’m really loving the western inspired collections of Texas based Double D Ranch. This family owned apparel and housewear company is 1 part wild west and 2 parts stylish chic. I wanted to feature Double D because I don’t normally gravitate towards styles influenced by the Southwest, but I immediately fell in love with this colorful and culture-clashing line of dresses, skirts, and jackets.

Double D Ranch are the collaborative efforts of 4 Texan sisters whom began their forray into fashion with a coat made of Indian blankets. That jacket caught eyes until the sisters found themselves making and producing coats for various boutiques and shoppes. Eventually the line grew to include housewears and has been featured in top fashion and women’s magazines across the nation.

I’m really liking Double D because their looks are so feminine yet funky. Any apparel collection that can mix inspiration from Japan, Gypsies, and the American Southwest has got props from me. I love the skirts the most!


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James Piatt Purses

So I came across these very interesting leather purses by designer James Piatt. These purses are not your standard leather carryable…rather Piatt creates pieces that are references to pop culture, most usually controversial. Case in point? The piece above is titled “Tinkerbell” and is a direct reference to Paris Hilton’s abandoned chihuahua.

Piatt has other pieces as well. The one above is called “Foundling” and is a reference to famous babies. It comes with 4 keychains: a well (Baby Jessica), a pack of cigarettes (Britney Spears’s baby), an open window (Michael Jackson’s son “Blanket”), and an airplane (the Lindbergh baby). Here’s “Pursuader”…which is a pretty cool purse shaped like a gun.

I actually like the gun purse. It’s different. The clip is also a cell phone holder. Check out his site for more interesting design works from Piatt.